Juha and Charlie talking at the Sri Patanjala Yoga Shala, Mysore, the year 2000. Two framed pictures with old photos of Krishnamacharya’s yoga practices from 1930’s are hanging on the opposite wall.

Annankatu 29 B, -1. floor, Helsinki
Charlie Taylor-Rugman & Juha Javanainen
17.- 20.5.2018

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Charlie and Juha first met in Mysore the year 2000, when there were only 8 students practicing with Sri K Pattabhi Jois. During this rare occasion they could meet their Guru of Astanga Yoga daily in the afternoons talking and asking him questions. Juha and Charlie have kept connected since then, and Charlie has paid many visits to Helsinki Astanga Yoga School sharing his views and experiences on the methods and practices of Astanga Yoga. Charlie is currently teaching in London primarily private classes.

In this intensive workshop Charlie and Juha guide and assist the yoga practitioners combining the morning mysore and private teaching methods from Thursday to Sunday.

Charlie and Juha will teach also special classes on Astanga Yoga and Pranayama for mental focus and concentration 10:30 – 12 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Charlie is also coming to visit the Astanga Yoga Summer Retreat 4th week at Kustavi to give lectures and to teach Pranayama classes.

Read more about Charlie www.doashtanga.com