Vielä mahtuu: YIN YOGA COURSE - MAY 5th & 6th with Anouk Hummel, Annankatu


Kurssipaikka: Annankatu Alasali


Saturday at 13:30 - 16,  Sunday at 12-14:30
Place: Annankatu 29B

During this special course in Yin Yoga we will combine relaxing Yin Yoga practices (on both days) with some theory. Anouk will teach you more about the functional anatomy of Yin Yoga poses and will provide some information about the energetic effects and benefits (meridians & chakras) of Yin Yoga practice.

On Saturday we will focus on Yin Yoga for the Upper Body. Usually in Yin Yoga practice we deal with the hips and legs mostly, but applying the principles of Yin Yoga to poses for the neck, shoulders, chest and spine can be very beneficial too.

On Sunday the theme is Opening up the Hips. The pelvis/hips are very important, in many yoga asana, but also (or especially!) in daily life. You can benefit greatly from freeing up the area of the hips on various levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The course is suitable for everyone who is interested in Yin Yoga; for all levels of practitioners - beginners also welcome!

Course fee 5hrs (including VAT 10%)
79€ / 69€

The lower price is for students & the unemployed.

The course fee can be paid at the spot. We accept cash, bank/credit card and Finnish sports notes (Smartum, Kulttuuri, Virike, TYKY, SporttiPassi, Mind&Body, EazyBreak, Pay2Go).

NB. Registration for the course is binding. Cancellation must be done 5 days prior the course to

When you sign up, you will get an automatic confirmation email in Finnish. If you need information in English, please contact Thank you 🙂


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