Vielä mahtuu: Therapeutic Yoga 16.4.-11.6. (on Mondays 19:15 - 20:15 ) Annankatu, Anouk (8x)


Kurssipaikka: Annankatu Yläsali


Therapeutic Yoga 16.4.-11.6. (on Mondays at 19:15 - 20:15 ) Annankatu, Anouk (8x)
no class monday 30.4.

In this series of Therapeutic Yoga classes Anouk will guide you in learning how to care for your body and mind so that you can enjoy living a balanced, happy and healthy life! These classes are suitable for everyone, and especially for those who at the moment cannot join a "regular" yoga class due to (slight/temporary) physical ailments/limitations or chronic bodily discomforts/pains. Also if you suffer from fatigue, stress or burnout symptoms you will benefit from this class!

On a physical level we will focus on developing more strength (core-stability), balance, coordination, flexibility and mobilization. On a mental/emotional level we will work on self-empowerment, patience and compassion and how to calm down the mind. Mostly you will establish a deeper understanding of the working of your own body and learn how to apply yoga as a means of self-care, on the yoga mat and in daily life!

All classes comprise elements of gentle hatha yoga and different meditation, relaxation and breathing exercises to calm the nervous system and free the mind. Classes open to everyone and will be adapted to group and individual needs as much as possible.

In her yoga classes Anouk wishes to show people that yoga does not need to be fuzzy nor complicated, but that yoga practice offers something to everyone and that with regular practice it can give you a more beautiful, richer and more balanced life. She teaches in a manner that is open and accessible to everyone; beginners and more advanced yogis. Her classes are marked by softness, a lot of individual care and attention.

Teaching in English.

Price (incl. VAT 10%)
(8x) 95 € / 85 €

The lower price is for students with a valid student ID & the unemployed.

The course fee can be paid at the spot. We accept cash, bank/credit card and Finnish sports notes (Smartum, Kulttuuri, Virike, TYKY, SporttiPassi, Mind&Body, EazyBreak, Pay2Go).

If you have a valid Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu yoga card, you can also pay the course with the card.

NB. Registration for the course is binding. Cancellation must be done 5 days prior the course to

When you sign up, you will get an automatic confirmation email in Finnish. If you need information in English, please contact Thank you 🙂


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