Anouk Hummel / Yin yoga

“I have a daily yoga practice in both Yin Yoga and Astanga Yoga. The combination of these two styles of yoga works for me very well; it keeps me in balance. On my yoga path I have already learned so much about Yoga, and Yoga has additionally taught me so much, that for me there is nothing more beautiful than exist to share yoga with others.”

“As a yoga teacher, I wish to bring Yoga accessible to a wide audience. My intention is to show in my yoga classes that Yoga does not need to be woolly and pompous, but it’s actually all beneficial. That with regular practice, Yoga gives you a better, richer and more balanced life.”

Anouk is a Yin Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Besides yoga she also offers Thai Yoga Massage, Vital Life Coaching and Life Balance Coaching. In all she does, Anouk aims to inspire people in getting the most out of life, in choosing for themselves; to choose to be the most beautiful version of themselves they can be.

She started practicing yoga after a serious burnout, it immediately touched her soul and ever since she has been a dedicated practitioner of Astanga Yoga as well as Yin Yoga. Her love for the Astanga Yoga practice is still growing every day, but Yin Yoga was the practice to profoundly teach her how to balance all aspects of herself and of life.

Anouk is a certified Yin Yoga teacher, sharing the teachings from Paul Grilley with as many souls as possible.

She completed her Yin Yoga & Chakra Study teacher training (RYT 200) in Amsterdam with Anat Geiger, Johan Noorloos and Marcel van de Vis Heil. To deepen her knowledge of the functional anatomy in Yin Yoga, she soon after completed her Yin Yoga & Anatomy Immersion (RYT 100) with José de Groot.

In her yoga classes she wishes to show people that yoga does not need to be fuzzy nor complicated, but that yoga practice offers something to everyone and that with regular practice it can give you a more beautiful, richer and more balanced life. Anouk teaches in a manner that is open and accessible to everyone; beginners and more advanced yogis. Her classes are marked by softness, a lot of individual care and attention and sufficient space to explore and push your physical as well as mental boundaries in a very gentle way. With her Yin Yoga classes Anouk hopes to give her students inspiration and courage to bring the principles of Yin Yoga off the mat and into real life, as that is where our real yoga practice begins.

After some years of teaching Yin Yoga her interest in the healing part of yoga started to develop more and more and she committed to be part of a 3,5 year Yoga Therapy training following the teachings of Krishnamacharya (Svastha Yoga & Ayurveda, Dr. Ganesh Mohan & Dr. Guenter Niessen).

In her work as a Yoga Therapist, time and time again, she is touched by the positive effects of using yoga (including asana, pranayama and meditation) exercises in healing processes.

Anouk applies Yoga Therapy in case of physical limitations or injuries or when suffering from (chronic) pain, but also when on an emotional level space and softening is needed (e.g. in the mourning process, with stress symptoms and burnout). Anouk is able to provide you with “tools” to apply yoga as self-care (therapy) on a daily basis, not only on the yoga mat, but especially in daily life.

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