Tamara Ashley / Meditation, Restorative Yoga and Anatomy

Tamara first encountered ashtanga yoga as part of her dance training. She is very inspired by the ashtanga yoga community, her teachers and fellow practitioners. Yoga has been a grounding and positive influence on her dance, performance and teaching career, and has greatly assisted her in injury recovery. Her process of injury recovery also enabled […]

Visiting teachers

Week 1: Riku Järvinen – Samatha-Vipashyana meditation course (included in Yoga price) Anouk Hummel – Extra workshop on Yin Yoga part 1, basics and principles (extra fee) Tamara Ashley – Extra workshop on Experiential anatomy, theory and applications (extra fee) Week 2: Tamara Ashley – Meditation course based on Buddhist Vajrayana traditon (included in Yoga […]

Anouk Hummel / Yin yoga

“I have a daily yoga practice in both Yin Yoga and Astanga Yoga. The combination of these two styles of yoga works for me very well; it keeps me in balance. On my yoga path I have already learned so much about Yoga, and Yoga has additionally taught me so much, that for me there […]

Juha Javanainen / Astanga

Juha Javanainen (born 22nd July 1963) has practiced Astanga Yoga since 1989. He founded the Astanga Yoga School of Helsinki with Petri Räisänen in 1997. Juha has translated the book Yoga Mala, the primary work of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on Astanga Yoga into Finnish. He has practiced long time with Radha and Derek Ireland, Lino […]

Petri Räisänen / Astanga

Petri Räisänen (born August 13, 1967) is internationally known and respected Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Petri started practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 1989 and teaching in 1990. He is a devoted student of his Guru, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), and was authorized to teach Astanga Yoga in 2001 by Guruji. Petri is careful to pass on […]