Cottages for 2 people: Fasaani, Ruusunen, Tuhkimo, Vuoriniemi, Mäntylä.

Fasaani, Ruusunen and Tuhkimo cottage size is 8m².They are located at the sides of the vast grass field down by the Southern sea shore. Vuoriniemi and Mäntylä hut size is 10m². They are located at the edge of the woods.

These cottages have electricity, radiators, a coffee maker, a cooking plate (stove), a refridgerator, some tableware, and a bucket for carrying water for cooking (these cottages do not have running water).

The Fasaani, Ruusunen and Tuhkimo guests can use the toilet and showers at corner of the main house. The Vuoriniemi and Mäntylä guests can use the toilet and shower vans close to the huts.