Week 3: Experiential Anatomy / Tamara Ashley

In experiential anatomy we use on hands work to explore and sense the different body systems – skeletal, muscle, fluids, organs, respiratory etc. The hands on work has some resonance with Finnish Bone Setting, except bone is one of many systems that are worked with, and it has less focus on healing.

Classes can cover different aspects – bones, muscles, fluids, respiratory etc. anatomical diagrams of the systems are also shared to aid learning. Some of the work brings up connections between physiological function and meditation states – eg sensing at the level of the capillary flow in the body, and cellular sensing in general, and the work of the nervous system.

In her teaching, Tamara also connects this to the meditation practices that she does. This work can also be developed into simple creative movement/writing/drawing the body, or stay with a more technical focus on anatomical understanding, or moving into meditation with the imprint of the system resonant in the body-mind, so it becomes an object of contemplation. Tamara teaches this work regularly to non dancers and beginners.