Week 1: Mobilisation and building strength on joints and limbs / Charlie Taylor-Rugman

In these classes Charlie guides you on neural tissue mobilisation exercises to help improve your flexion movement, reduce the tightness down the back of the legs when you bend forward and also help improve the neural biomechanics so your squat and lifting movements are better. If you have tightness in the back of the hamstrings, knees and calves it might not be actually short muscles but a highly tensioned lower limb neural system.

Resistance training can be achieved by using your body weight (for example, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, and sit-ups). Even isometric exercises produce increases in strength. In these classes Charlie shows you, how strength building resistance can be generated with body weight and rubber band to help you to develop your yoga practices.

Week 2: Mobilisation of joints, traditional Finnish method / Marko Mikkilä

The method mobilises joints, increases the movement of the connective tissues and muscles by stretching them with the help of the body’s own path of movements. ​​Muscles, connective tissues, blood circulation and nerv activity are being rebalanced into natural conditions. For example, the reason to lumbar pain is often not in the lumbar area but in the hip or in the legs. It’s not a painful treatment because it activates the metabolism, opens and relieves tension in  muscles by stretching them. This gives the opportunity to correct the framework in the body through mobilising.