Visiting teachers
Week 1:

Alice Taylor-Rugman – Special classes for ladies: Yoga and the Menopause, Being a lady practitioner in the second half of life (included in Yoga Price)
Charlie Taylor-Rugman – Extra classes on Mobilisation and Strength (extra fee)
Maya Pokrovskaya – Extra classes on deep relaxation with a Singing Bowl (extra fee)

Week 2:

Anouk Hummel – Classes on Yin Yoga (extra fee)
Marko Mikkilä – Extra workshop on mobilisation of joints and limbs based on Finnish traditional methods (extra fee)

Week 3:

Anouk Hummel – Extra workshop on Yin Yoga, basics and principles (extra fee)
Marko Mikkilä  – Yoga Philosophy course “The Roots of Yoga” (included in Yoga price)