Helsinki Easter Workshop with Heidi and Juha 7-10th April 2023

Astanga Yoga School Helsinki, Finland
Address: Annankatu 29B, courtyard, 00100 Helsinki

Special classes will be also streamed online!

Notice to Helsinki Yogaschool students: If you have an one-buy Anytime card, you will get it prolonged for 4 days free of charge if you attend the full morning yoga program. Prolonging does not apply to 12 months contract with which you get 15% discount of the workshop prices using the promotion code ”VUOSIKORTTI”.

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In this Helsinki workshop Heidi and Juha will guide and assist the Ashtanga yoga practitioners in their morning Astanga Yoga Mysore style practice.

Heidi and Juha will also give special classes on Astanga Yoga including chanting, philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Workshop is international, teaching and meetings will be presented primarily in English.

Helsinki workshop pop-up events:

  • Saturday 8.4. – Lunch (?)

The Special theme in the retreat is the Mind and the Practice, with theory based on Yoga sutras:
– The mind in the state of yoga and the mind in other times
– Patterns that create suffering 
– How to reduce sufferings by practicing yoga in order to get clarity and peace of mind

We will also discussion on observing our practice to discover give simple but effective ways how to be more present and observant:
– The challenges in yoga asana practice and concrete ways for overcoming them. 
– What can you learn through this challenge?
– What kind of qualities do you need to cultivate in your practice in order to take it to the next level?

The Special program has four classes:

Class 1 Friday lecture on Yoga Philosophy ”The Mind and the Practice” Part 1 with Heidi. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting and meditation.

Class 2 Saturday lecture on Yoga Philosophy ”The Mind and the Practice” Part 2 with Juha. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting, pranayama and meditation.

Class 3 Sunday lecture and discussion ”From Practice to Observation to Practice” Part 1 with Heidi. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting and meditation.

Class 4 Monday lecture and discussion ”From Practice to Observation to Practice” Part 2 with Juha. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting, , pranayama and meditation.

Down in this page you can create your Helsinki Yogaschool student account, you can buy workshop class pass or drop-in tickets, and you can to sign up into Ashtanga morning practices and special lectures.


Astanga Mysore style
  • Friday – Monday 8 – 11, starting times every 30 minutes between 7 – 9:30. Upstairs shala (2nd floor)
Special Classes

classes include Chanting, Pranayama and Meditation

  • Friday – Monday 11:15 – 13. Upstairs shala (-2nd floor). Also streamed live online


Heidi Ruokoniemi: ”I started to practice Astanga year 2004 and the year 2009, I made my first trip to Mysore, India, to practice with Sri Sharath Jois. I have been his student since then, practiced with him yearly for over ten years and keep studying with him whenever possible.  Sharath Jois authorized me to teach the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga in 2012. A year later, I met my future partner in Mysore, and ended up being married and living in the homeland of yoga for seven years.

Living in India and in a brahmin family gave me a unique perspective to Indian culture and yoga. In India, spirituality is intertwined with everyday life, and some of the traditions and wisdom that have carried on for thousands of years are still being observed and respected. The ancient and the modern, the chaos and the beauty, are all present simultaneously, and everything seems to be possible.

​I am very grateful to have had the the opportunity to teach Ashtanga Yoga in India as well; In those magical surroundings the teachings of yoga seem to be always near and ready to be internalized. With the help of daily practice, Sadhana, it is possible to find equanimity in between the contrasts of life, and peace when everything is changing. I am thankful for the daily yoga practice, that continues to guide me and keeps me grounded.”

Juha Javanainen, a father of five children, has practiced Ashtanga yoga with Radha Warrell, Derek Ireland, Lino Miele and Eddie Stern, in addition to R. Sharath Jois and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Juha is a co-founder of Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki, and Sri K Pattabhi Jois blessed the school in 1997 to teach the traditional Astanga Yoga method.

Juha continues to teach in Helsinki while working also as a yoga school director. Juha also keeps on to study and to practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamacharya, and the Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. His special project was to translate the primary work of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on Astanga Yoga, the book called Yoga Mala, into Finnish in 2002.

Juha wishes to share his experiences on practice and teaching, how to work with the body&mind for healing purposes within the yoga practice.

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