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What is Ashtanga yoga
Ashtanga yoga is a physical form of yoga also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa that develops concentration, self-awareness, balance and posture, strength and mobility. It is also an universal and comprehensive system of self-development and life philosophy based on age-old experiential wisdom.

What it is not
Although Ashtanga yoga originates in India and has parallels with the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism, it is not an Indian religion.

What we will offer to you
The teachers of Ashtanga Yoga School of Helsinki h
ave a long personal experience of practicing and teaching yoga. Based on this experiential knowledge we understand that everyone is different and yoga exercises should be adapted to individual needs. That’s why it’s safe to start practicing yoga with us. Our teaching is encouraging and we support you both in your progress on the path of yoga and in life’s challenges.

What you will learn

  • deep yoga breathing called ujjayi that effectively warms the body
  • the use of body-centered eye focus points, or drishtis
  • training of the body’s core muscle locks, i.e. bandhas, starting from the very basics
  • synchronized combinations of breath and movements, i.e. vinyasas
  • a versatile set of traditional Ashtanga yoga postures i.e. asanas suitable for beginners
  • developing a self-directed yoga practice alongside guided beginner classes

What benefits to expect

  • deep yoga breathing effectively warms the body
  • prolonged equalized breathing balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • maintaining body-centered eye focus improves self-awareness and develops presence and concentration
  • combining breath and movement makes the yoga practice more effective
  • practicing yoga postures from easier forms towards more demanding ones makes training easier and reduces the risk of injury
  • series of yoga poses help to remember and internalize the exercise
  • practicing at your own pace turns yoga into movement meditation
  • and enables personal teaching in a group class called Ashtanga mysore

Special features of Ashtanga Yoga

In Ashtanga, posture practice is done by lengthening and intensifying the usual breathing (deep breathing). The series of movements or vinyasas belonging to each yoga position are done with the rhythm of deep breathing. This exercise method develops the body’s internal heat, which raises sweat, accelerates metabolism, cleanses the nervous and circulatory systems, and improves the functioning of the digestive system. Ashtanga’s exercise is also effective in its demandingness – in just a few months you can notice improvements in your strength and mobility.

In the long run, one of the goals in Ashtanga yoga is to internalize and remember one’s own yoga practice so that one can do the practice on one’s own initiative and independently. The repeated sets of poses distinguish Ashtanga yoga from most other types of yoga, where the yoga poses vary from exercise to exercise, which is why they are always done only as guided classes. However, in Ashtanga the series of yoga poses help to remember and internalize the exercise. When the practice sequences begins to be memorized, you can participate in Ashstanga yoga mysore classes. There you do your yoga practice at your own pace with the teacher assisting the practice. Then your yoga practice transforms naturally into moving meditation.

How to start practicing Ashtanga Yoga

Come along to the beginner’s course. In the course you will learn the basics, techniques and exercises of ashtanga yoga. After the course, you can participate in weekly classes. Ashtanga’s weekly classes are divided into level groups: at first, we practice with the basics 1-level classes. You can move from the lesson level to the next at your own pace, as the elementary exercise of your level begins to flow and feel familiar, and when you would like to learn new posture exercises.

About beginner’s courses

Beginner Ashtanga yoga courses are held at all our locations. There are courses on weekends, weekday mornings or evenings. In the course we will practice sun salutations, standing series balance positions, seated series forward bends and hip openings as well as restorative final movements and relaxation. In connection with these, we do various exercises, the purpose of which is to develop and strengthen breathing and the body, control of muscle locks, push-ups, downward facing dog, etc.

The three most important goals of our introductory courses are:
1) Detailed instruction on the basics of Ashtanga yoga and the things to be aware of to gain the benefits of yoga.
2) Practical instructions for starting safe yoga practice on dynamic movements, or vinyasas, as well as the various yoga postures. 
3) Providing good skills for participating in guided classes.

How to book and pay

To book and pay for the course, you need to log in to our booking system. To book a course you must choose the appropriate course card. If you are interested in an affordable Ashtanga yoga course + class pass package, redeem the package from the purchase links below. Once you have redeemed the package, you can register for the beginner’s course via the course list at the end of this page.
Important: you must define your payment group like student, pensionate etc, or no discount. Otherwise the booking system don’t let you to purchase the course. 

To speed up the course check-in at the yoga shala, we recommend that you pay for the course card or package when you book it. However, if you want to pay for the course partially or completely with the sports saldo app/notes offered by your employer (ePassi, Smartum, Edenred), then choose ”On-Site Payment/Pay later” as the payment method, so you can pay for the course on the spot. 

We recommend that you download our reservation application ’Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu’ to your phone or tablet, because it makes it easy to reserve and cancel classes and monitor the use of your yoga card. 

Course and class pass prices

Passes and credits Regular price Discount groups
Beginner’s course 4x (40 credits) 67 € BUY 61 € BUY
Beginner’s course 6x (60 credits) 92 € BUY 81 € BUY
Class pass 10x (100 credits) 145 € BUY 124 € BUY
Class pass 20x (200 credits) 249 € BUY 219 € BUY
Discount prices eligible only with a certificate for the discount price group (shown in the course): under 18 yrs, students, those on parental or care leave, unemployed, pensioners, military or civil service. The validity of the class pass starts after the course from the first weekly class you attend. 10x and 20x class passes are valid for 6 months and compatible for all 60-90 min weekly classes. The validity period of the passes can be extended if necessary for an additional fee. Class passes are now credits: 1 drop in class 10 credits, 5 classes 50 credits, 10 classes 100 credits. Number of credits charged for each class is shown in the class title at the class schedule.

Upcoming courses of Ashtanga yoga

Note: There might be several different types of courses in the list, so it’s worth scrolling down to see all the options.

Class schedule

Note: English classes start from Sat 29th Oct 2022. Scroll the weekly calendar dates forw/backw, or scroll the view down to see evening classes.