Ashtanga Yoga In English

How to start Astanga Yoga?

(Yoga of the Eight Limbs in the tradition of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India)

We will offer two ways to start:

1) Beginners introductory workshop in English, schedule and details here.

2) Self-practice with a teacher for beginners = weekly classes called ALKEISMYSORE
classes available at any Yoga shalas, see the Classes-page; the teacher can teach the basics (in English)

How to proceed when one gets more experience in Astanga Yoga practice?

The led beginner’s (=ALKEET and ALKEET2) -classes will go through approximately the same practice sequence as the weekend intro course. As the student becomes more familiar with yoga breathing, poses, and their purifying effects by practicing continuously and regularly she can join after 3-4 weeks practices the second beginner’s level classes (=ALKEET 2, taught at Kolmas linja Yoga Shala), where the focus of practice is more and more on the flow of movement and breathing.

When a student feels that beginners led classes are going quite easy she can join also beginner’s self-practice with a teacher (=ALKEISMYSORE). This practice method is also called as MYSORE STYLE, or simply MYSORE, which relates to Mysore City in South India, where the Yoga Masters Pattabhi Jois and Krishnamacharya have been teaching with this method.

Practice flow as a diagram: Beginner’s introductory workshop -> Beginner’s level 1 (ALKEET) classes ->
level 2 (ALKEET2) -> self-practice with a teacher (ALKEISMYSORE) -> (Mysore training workshop, optional)-> Mysore class, all levels -> Intensive Mysore workshops and retreats

What is personal Yoga teaching?

Personal teaching emphasizes individual breathing rhythm and applying the practices according to individual capacities. Concentration into one’s own breathing makes Yoga as a personal mind and body training system.

A new student can continue practicing after the beginner’s workshop with the same teacher in weekly classes.

Upcoming yoga courses in English

Extra long Yin Yoga class on Friday (17:30-19:30) Annankatu, Anouk


At this extra long Yin Yoga class (2 hours) Anouk will guide you through a nice, relaxing Yin Yoga XL session, where we will be able to indulge into the softness, richness and meditative aspect of the Yin Yoga practice even more than in the regular Yin Yoga classes!