Astanga Special Workshop 2022

Eddie Stern from New York in Helsinki – May 2021 workshop has been postponed to May 2022: Ashtanga Mysore & Led Classes, Chanting & Lectures

Eddie has initiated the publications of many books on Astanga Yoga. He is well known for his knowledge of Hindu culture and religion, as well as of his Indian style Yoga Shala and teaching Astanga Yoga at the NYC. The workshop is a great opportunity to meet Eddie and to learn about his ideas: on science, philosophy and physiology related to yoga and its practices; how to examine to underlying mechanisms that make yoga effective; why yoga, meditation and chanting are effective practices for self-regulation, positive social interaction, and transcendental experience. Yoga classes, lectures and discussions are held in English. Petri Räisänen and Juha Javanainen are assisting Eddie at the yoga classes.

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Workshop Schedule


05:45 – 10:00 Ashtanga Mysore Practice
(Annankatu 29B, upstairs, 2nd floor (door code 2002)

19:00 – 20:15 Ganesh Puja& Chanting (free)
(Annankatu 29B, downstairs, -1 floor (door code 2002)


05:45 – 10:00 Ashtanga Mysore Practice
(Annankatu 29B, upstairs, 2nd floor)

16:30 – 18:30 Special Class: Mantra chanting  (Annankatu 29B, downstairs, -1 floor)


06:30 – 10:45 Ashtanga Mysore Practice
(Annankatu 29B, starting and main practice at upstairs shala 2nd floor, finishing and relaxation at downstairs shala -1st floorirs)

12:30 – 14:30 Special Lecture: Yoga and the Endocrine system
(Annankatu 29B, downstairs, -1 floor)


08:00 – 09:45 Led Primary
(Annankatu 29B, upstairs, 2nd floor)

10:30 – 12:00  Closing lecture, chanting & QA 

(Annankatu 29B, downstairs, -1 floor

All workshop teaching, lectures and discussions are held in English.

In this workshop yoga asanas are practiced on a daily basis. Bring your own yoga mat and a small towel with you.

Mysore practice

From Thursday to Saturday we have scheduled very authetic type of mysore morning practice, where the first students will start at 5:45 – 6:30 am at Annankatu big yogashala (2nd floor), and the next students will come to join in every 15 minutes starting from 6:45.

After 6:45 am starting students are called in to start as practice spots become free, and usually the starting with surya namaskaras and some standing poses will be practiced at the back of the yogashala, and you are guided forward when a new practice spot becomes free at the four front rows.

If your starting time is after 7am, please do not enter the yogashala or change the practice spot by yourself;
we will call you in and guide you into a free practice place.
Please be prepared to wait 5-15 minutes to get into the shala to start your practice.

When you have finished your main practice after doing the Bridge pose and balancing forward bending (Urdhva Dhanurasana & Paschimatanasana), take your yoga mat and towel, and go to do the Finishing sequence at the back of the Shala (Thursday and Friday), or go to the Downstairs yogashala (Saturday, -1st floor) and try to find there a free spot marked with a dark-red-dot, and place next to it the front side of your yoga mat, facing the small Ganesha altar at the right hand side.

Led Class on Sunday

The Led Primary classes is  held at Annankatu Upstairs yogashala (2nd floor).
Doors are open 30 minutes before the practice. Please come at least 15 minutes before. There is dressing rooms with showers. Bring your valuables inside the shala!

Special Lecture Series topic in May 2022

Science, philosophy and physiology to examine the underlying mechanisms that make yoga, meditation and chanting effective practices for self-regulation, positive social interaction, and transcendental experience.
Note:  Eddie’s book One Simple Thing is available for 17 €.

Location: Annankatu 29B, downstairs -1 floor Yogashala (door code 2002).

Thursday: Ganesh Puja for Success in All Undertakings and the Removal of Obstacles / free attendance! 

Puja is a Sanskrit word that means worship and purification of karma. It
describes the devotional approach to worship in Hinduism. Ganesh is the
much adored and loved elephant-headed deity who symbolizes new
beginnings, wisdom, and obstacles. Ganesh’s elephant head on top of a
human body symbolizes transcendence, the cutting off of the false
narratives we tell about ourselves, and entering into a spiritual life of
clear vision and devotion. As part of this puja, we will create an altar to
Ganesh, and then we will go through the steps of a simple, participatory
Hindu ritual. As a group, we will chant and make offerings to Ganesh, and
chant prayers together for personal and universal peace. Everyone is
invited to bring something sacred to add to the altar for the duration of
the worship; perhaps a small statue of a deity that you keep at your
home, a photo of a loved one, or your mala beads.
Puja is a purifying ritual that creates a feeling of inner happiness and
upliftment. It purifies us and orients our minds and hearts towards
success. Please join me in this ancient practice of rituals that I learned
from my teachers in India, to give an auspicious start to a weekend of
wisdom teachings and practices.

Friday: Mantra Chanting

In this two-hour class, we will cover different types of chanting, as well
as an overview of the different types or classifications of mantras. We
will chant the bija, or seed mantras, associated with the petals of the
chakras. Chanting these petal chakra mantras is basically like tuning your
nervous system, in the same way that one would imagine tuning all of the
various strings on the inside of a piano. They are resonant and deeply
meditative sounds. We will end the class with the Lakshmi Ashtakam,
eight verses in praise of the Goddess Lakshmi. These eight verses can be
chanted daily as a devotional practice, and they invoke Sri Lakshmi as the
basis of all wealth, abundance, beauty, fearlessness, essence of mantras,
and the One who is born of Yoga.

Saturday: Introduction to Yoga and the Endocrine System

The endocrine system is comprised of glands that produce and secrete
hormones. These chemical substances help regulate our body’s growth,
metabolism, energy levels, as well as our responses to stress, mood
changes, and injury. Yogic physiology has described the endocrine system
as the chakra system, specifically the first six chakras, which seem to
correspond to the locations of our endocrine glands, as well as major
nerve plexuses. Over the course of these two days, we will go through an
overview of the endocrine system and the hormones they release, discuss
the chakra system and how the two systems correlate with each other,
and learn chanting and posture practices to stimulate and balance the endocrine system.

Sunday: Chanting and closing the workshop

Sunday’s Lecture will primarily be questions and answers, and we will review some of the material that we covered on the previous days. We will also have a longer chanting and meditation period on Sunday as well.

Chanting Class

Chanting is one of the important parts of yoga and spiritual practice, and has a wide range of benefits that are both emotional, psychological and physical. Chanting in a traditional way is a beautiful, devotional practice that you can add to your daily sadhana.

Workshop fees

All Workshop 4 days from Thursday to Sunday:

– All program 260
– Yoga ONLY
Thursday-Sunday: 170 €
– Lectures ONLY (incl. chanting classes)
Friday-Sunday: 110 €

Single days

including Yoga and Special Lecture from Friday to Sunday:
– One day: 95 €

– Two days: 180 €
– Three days: 220 €


– Morning practices: 49 €
– Closing class 1:30 hrs Sun: 30 €
– Special Lecture/Class 2hrs Fri, Sat: 49 €
Puja&chanting Thu: Free attendance

To be noticed

* Practices can be photographed, audio- or videorecorded only by permission.
* Practice place entrance only with workshop pass (on one’s own practice time).
* Lectures can be attended by anyone who is interested, see the drop-in fees.

Prices include VAT 10%

Registration fees:
All workshop and weekend program registration fees 95 €
– should be paid due to registration, prepaid registration
confirms the workshop spot.

The Final Workshop payment
– Registration fee is reduced from the rest of the payment.
Drop in fees should be paid when free drop-in places are
confirmed (after the May 1st).

Payment method
All payments into the workshop account:
IBAN: FI16 1011 3000 2694 06
Astanga Yoga Helsinki
Reference: Eddie 2020 and student name

Registration to Astanga Yoga with Eddie Stern
May 2022 , Helsinki, Finland


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Thursday May 2022 mysore: 5:30-5:456:006:306:457:007:157:307:458:008:158:30no

Friday May 2022 mysore: 5:30-5:456:006:306:457:007:157:307:458:008:158:30no

Saturday May 2022 mysore: 6:30-6:457:007:307:458:008:158:309:009:159:30no

Sunday May 2022 Led class: 8:00no

Choose the Special lectures and chantings you want to attend :

Thursday May 2022 19:00-20:15 Puja & Chanting (Free): yesno

Frida May 2022 16:30-18:30 Special class: yesno

Saturday May 20221 12:30-14:30 Special Lecture: yesno

Sunday May 2022 10:30-12:00 Chanting, Closing lecture & QA: yesno

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