Prices 2023

Prices are now updated and mostly the same as 2022. Book and pay the Summer Retreat weekly Yoga program or book the 2days/5days Extra workhshops at the Yoga weekly program booking page. If you are booking accommodation for the full week, also the full week yoga registration and payment is required.

Note: If you have local cottage or you are visiting by boat, or if you are planning to attend extra days after the full week, you have an option to book and pay just drop-in classes or drop-in days.
Coming soon:
In this page you may buy single classes, drop-in days, morning yoga pass (5-6 days) passes by clicking the ”OSTA”(Buy) link. When you have completed the purchase you can book the classes at the Summer Retrat schedule or using the Helsingin Astanga Joogakoulu app in your mobile phone.