Summer Yoga Retreat

Houtskar Island July 3th – 23th, 2023
with Astanga Yoga School Helsinki and Skärgårdsskolan Houtskär

Join us and book your week or drop-in days now!

Reservation system user guide to sign up and to book retreat weeks and classes


First week 3.-9.7. || Second week 10.-16.7. || Third week 17.-23.7.

The Summer Retreat dates: please arrive on Monday afternoon 15-19:30, weekly meeting on Monday evening, Yoga practices from Tuesday to Sunday

Book the full retreat weeks here

See the weekly class schedule and book your drop-in days, extra workshops and single classes here

Extra workshops 2023 – you may join just one drop-in class or the whole course
Week 1: Pilates for Yogis with Hely Järvinen (3 classes)
YinYoga&Singing Bowl with Malina Pursiainen (3 classes)
Week 2: Restorative Yinful Yoga with Tamara Ashely (5 classes)
Week 3: Handstand workshop with Alice&Charlie Taylor (5 classes)


See the full price list of rooms and huts, vegetarian meals and yoga program here


Houtskar offers rooms (single, double, family, shared 4-6 pers.), huts (2-4 pers.), camping with tent, travel car or boat.
See the price link above to check the room pricings.


Retreat offers led classes for beginners and mysore practice for more experienced Astanga practitioners. There is also classes for kids, teens, and also other yoga practitioners than Astanga as there is a lot of program and general yoga classes including philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Retreat is international, teaching and meetings will be presented primarily in English.

Astanga Yoga Practice (Tue-Sun)

Astanga Mysore style

  • Practice between 5:30 – 9:00 am
    First week mysore teachers: Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen
    Second week mysore teachers: Petri Räisänen & Juha Javanainen
    Third week mysore teachers: Marke Murtomäki & Juha Javanainen

Led Astanga classes

  • First & Second Weeks:
    Led beginners class 8:00 – 9:15 / Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen
    Introduction to new beginners 9:30 – 10:30 / Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen
  • Third week:
    Led beginners class 8:00 – 9:15 / Anna Petrenko
    Introduction to new beginners 9:30 – 10:30 / Anna Petrenko

Kids Yoga 10:30-12:30

  • First Week – Malina Pursiainen
  • Second Week – Niina Saikkonen (?)
  • Third week – Jenna Rignell (?)

Weekly special program

1st week – July 3-9:

  • Yoga Philosophy / Måns Broo
  • Talks on Astanga Yoga method / Petri & Juha
  • Asana and breath labs / Petri & Juha
  • Pranayama / Petri & Juha
  • Meditation / Tamara Ashley
  • Extra workshop* Pilates for Yogis (3 classes)/ Hely Järvinen
    Extra workshop* YinYoga with Singing bowl (2-3 classes) / Malina Pursiainen

2nd week – July 10-16:

  • Yoga of chanting & singing / Meri Tiitola (?)
  • Talks on Astanga Yoga method / Petri & Juha
  • Asana and breath labs / Petri & Juha
  • Pranayama / Petri & Juha
  • Meditation / Tamara Ashley
  • Extra workshop* Restorative Yinful Yoga (5 classes) / Tamara Ashley

3rd week – July 17-23:

  • Talks on Astanga Yoga method / Alice & Charlie Taylor, Juha Javanainen & Marke Murtomäki
  • Mindfulness (3 classes) / Marke Murtomäki (Teaching in Finnish!)
  • Breath lab / Alice Taylor
  • Pranayama / Charlie Taylor
  • Extra workshop* Handstand course (5 classes) / Alice&Charlie Taylor

*) Extra workshops 2-3 or 5 classes per week, special price for Retreat attendants, also drop in,  limited number of space. Book the extra workshop in advance!

Arrival info and meeting on Mondays

• arrive between 15:00 – 18:00 (note: there is ferries on the way from Parainen to Houtskari)
• rooms available from 15:00 
• Morning bus from Helsinki to Turku / Kaarina, change bus to Houtskari, see the timetable at (webpage also in English).
• evening meal between 18:00 –19:00
Info meeting at 19:15–20:15
• introduction of teachers, assistants and house staff of the week
• Saaristokoulu houses, area and general info of the week
• program of the week
• practice times and Karma yoga turns

Daily Classes Schedule (Tue-Sun)


Astanga Mysore style
• Practice between 5:30 – 9:00

Led Yoga classes:

• Introduction to new beginners around 9:30 – 10:30
• Beginners classes around 8:00 – 9:15
Kids yoga:
• For 3-6 yrs & 7-12 yrs between 10:30 – 12:20

Lectures / Philosophy / Meditation 
• Lectures 11:15 – 12:30


Extra workshops (extra charge)
• Yinful Yoga (week 1 & 3), Pilates for Yogis (week 2)

Other afternoon program
• possibility for private questions with the teachers 
• discussions on yoga, progress and health
• yoga asana techniques – Asana Lab
• pranayama breathing methods and practices
• evening meditation

Day trips, nature sightseeing (by bicycles, boats, walking etc)
• 300 m distance to Näsby village centre and shops
• 6km distance Cafe Hyppeis Värdshus
• SUP boards, rowing boats

Other activities
• a small volley ball field, good also for badminton / birdie
• grass field for kids soccer
• bring your own freetime games
• sauna every morning & evening

And more…
  • free bicycles and rowing boats (2)
  • bed linen and towels available for rent at the Reception, rent 8€
  • washing machine prices: normal program 5€, short program 2€, reservations at the Reception
  • we will make the Retreat together: we will keep the Yoga Shala and Dining hall and our private rooms clean by ourselves (this will be Karma Yoga e.g. Yoga of work for each others, and this is part of the Retreat program)
  • Some yoga mats, and Petri’s and Eddie Stern’s yogabooks available (Yoga Shop / Flickinternatet house)


Delicious vegan/vegetarian meals

  • chefs: Maria and Marcus
  • breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner
  • the menu (mostly vegan) is planned by a professional chef
  • dairy free option always available (dairy products are all in all used only in small quantities)
  • let us know about your special diet or allergies with registration

Sunday program, departure and check-out

Sunday program
• Morning yoga and lectures as usually before the lunch
• Closing of the retreat week 12:30 
• Lunch 12:30-13:30
If you are leaving on Sunday
• check-out of the rooms and cottages 13:00
• bus from Houtskari to Turku / Helsinki
If the yoga retreat goes on and you stay the next week
• evening meal 18:00 –19:00
• sauna 17:30–21:30

We love silence, emails preferred <3
+358 45 1320 300 (sms) / Mari Metso
Call time Mon-Wed 11-12 EET (UTC+03:00 during the summer)
If you don’t get through by phone, please send us email or sms.

    Nimi (pakollinen)

    Sähköposti (pakollinen)



    Skärgårdsskolan – Saaristokoulu

    Näsbyvägen 259
    21760 Houtskär