Book classes & extras – retreat schedule

If you have booked weekly yoga program, you do not have to book drop-in classes except Extra workshops, and Asana lab to make sure you have space there. Morning mysore, led beginners and children yoga practice times will be checked during the weekly retreat meetings on Mondays (19:15-20).
Book and pay the full weeks here

If you can’t attend the full week program, book and pay here all your single retreat days, extra workshops, or weekly morning classes, lectures, pranayama, meditation, or just some drop-in classes like asana lab, breath lab or yoga lab.

Extra workshops 2022you may join just one drop-in class or the whole course

  • Week 1: Yinful Yoga with Tamara Ashely, three classes (Tue, Thu, Sat time 16-17:15)
  • Week 2: Pilates for Yogis with Hely Järvinen, three classes (Tue, Thu, Sat time 16-17:15)
  • Week 3: Yinful Yoga week with Tamara Ashely, five classes (Tue-Sat time 16-17:15)
    Note: the week 3 extra Yinful Yoga is included in the Retreat week pass, no extra charge!

See the Summer Retreat Reservation Guide (scroll down the guide page) for detailed steps and instructions how to reserve Accommodation and how to book weekly Yoga programs or drop-in classes.

Buy here extra workshops or drop-in passes and then book your classes:
NOTE: Reduced price of extra workshops&classes for full week students – contact

Extra workshops, extra days and single drop-ins

Summer Retreat passes Price for drop-in students Reduced price for full week students
Morning yoga 6 class pass (6 days) 139 € (90 credits) OSTA
Extra workshop 5 classes (6 days) 95 € (75 credits) OSTA 59 €
Extra workshop 3 classes (6 days) 49 € (50 credits) OSTA 39 €
One day pass (4-5 classes/adult) 49 € (50 credits) OSTA 49 € OSTA
Single drop-in class (extra workshop & morning yoga) 25 € (15 credits) OSTA 21 €
Single drop-in class (lectures, pranayama etc) 21 € (10 credits) OSTA
Weekly morning Ashtanga practice: 6 classes pass 139€ (90 credits) valid for 6 days. Weekly Extra workshops, or lectures / pranayama / meditation: 5-6 classes 95€ (75 credits) valid for 6 days. Extra workshops: 3 classes pass 49€ valid for 5 days. Single retreat day: one day pass 49€ including 4 classes. Single drop in class 25€ (valid for any retreat classes).

To book extra workshops or drop-in classes you need a retreat class pass; click the Book-button and open the passes list under the title “Summer Retreat Passes”. Select the suitable retreat pass.

Book drop-in classes and extra workshops