Ashtanga yoga intro course /Kallio

This is a course of six consecutive weeks either morning (Wednesday Nov 2nd) or afternoon (Sunday Nov 6th), where you get to know the basics of the elementary practice of the dynamic Ashtanga yoga. The course for is suitable for everyone interested in dynamic yoga practice. No prior experience in yoga needed. This course will be conducted in English. Teacher: Heidi Ruokoniemi.

We will go through a beginner’s level yoga practice series. We learn how to practice the breathing technique of Ashtanga yoga called Ujjayi. We also learn about strengthening the middle body or our core using the Bandhas, i.e. muscle locks. In Ashtanga practice, the activation of the supporting muscles in the center of the body and the deep breathing are further combined with the dynamic practice of yoga poses, or asanas. This synchronized movement with breath is called Vinyasa, which is a very special practice method that warms and flexes the body along.

After the course, you can participate in Yoga School beginner classes. In addition, practical instructions for home yoga are provided in the course.

Thus you can start to build up your weekly yoga routine by combining practice in the Yoga group classes and at home. A special feature of Ashtanga yoga is the aim to reach steady routine of weekly practice.

Regular exercise balances the body and mind, relieves the effects of stress and balances overall well-being. Once you’ve internalized your yoga sequence, yoga becomes a movement meditation that focuses on your own ability to initiate. In addition, you can participate in the so-called for mysore exercises, where you get more personal guidance. You can get more information about the training that suits you in this beginner’s course.

Price (incl. VAT 10%): €92 / €81 (60 credits).

Registration and payment instructions

The duration of the course is six weeks. However, our course system only shows the first course lesson of the period, and the classes of the following weeks of the course are booked after the course registration through the schedule of weekly classes. (Ashtanga new beginners on Wednesday or Sunday at Kallio), where you can book all the following lessons of the period at once.

Important: if you create a username when you register, remember to choose the right price group information for you: Regular price (No discount) or one of the discount groups (discount price for under 18s, students, those on maternity or nursing leave, unemployed, pensioners, civil servicers and HUS employees, take the certificate with you to the course).

Our reservation system requires that you choose when you register whether you will take just the course or the course+yoga card package: Click the button Register for the course, which will open the course registration window, and click on the price list category ”Kurssikortit (Course cards)” to see the cards/packages suitable for the course and their prices. With the yoga card, you can participate in led Astanga beginners level classes (1/2) after the course.

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Note: choose a course card or package corresponding to your own price group.

In order to speed up the check-in for the course at the studio, we recommend to pay when you book the course, but if you have access to exercise payment benefits Smartum, Virike, ePassi, EazyBreak, Edenred (exercise vouchers, payment card or application), you can choose On-Site Payment / Pay later as the payment method.

Registration for the course is binding. Cancellations no later than 5 days before the start of the course. Uncancelled registrations will be invoiced according to the price list.