Helsinki Easter City retreat with Petri and Juha 15-18th April 2022

Astanga Yoga School Helsinki, Finland
Address: Annankatu 29B, courtyard, 00100 Helsinki

Special classes will be also streamed online!

IMPORTANT ABOUT REGISTRATIONS: we have now changed our booking system for the Easter retreat, and we have transferred the bookings from Mindbody into Bsport system.

Notice to EU/Schengen and UK Astangis: Finland allows you to enter the country, see the entry rules here or contact your flight service for more info. You may also find flights with good prices from Finnair.

Notice to Helsinki Yogaschool students: If you have an one-buy Anytime card, you will get it prolonged for 4 days free of charge if you attend the full morning yoga program. Prolonging does not apply to 12 months contract with which you get 15% discount of the workshop prices using the promotion code “VUOSIKORTTI”.

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Helsinki City Retreat offers plenty of yoga program with the yoga people. Petri and Juha will guide and assist the Ashtanga yoga practitioners in their morning Astanga Yoga Mysore style practice.

Petri and Juha will also give special classes on Astanga Yoga, its methods, and the nature of Energy (Prana) and Spirituality. Program includes classes on asana, philosophy, pranayama and meditation. City Retreat is international, teaching and meetings will be presented primarily in English.

Helsinki City Retreat pop-up events:

  • Saturday 16.4.: Coffee in Lapinlahti Metsäpaahtimo 15:30 & Natural Grounding Meditation /Tamara 16-17 (free)
    Uusi Sauna / Jätkäsaari 17:30 (16€)
  • Sunday 17.4.: Restorative yoga /Tamara at Annankatu Upstairs 16-16:45 (free)
    Meet your Yoga friends (bring snacks, fruits etc to share) 17-18 (free)

The Special theme in the retreat is Matter, Energy and Mind. We will study how the asanas are lengthening the body and how to move over the usual limitations gently using Pranic and mental methods: How to create maximum length of the limbs in the asanas. How stretching is strengthening and balancing our mind. Theory and practice. In this workshop we are practicing how to find the space in a gentle and safe, but effective ways. This Special program has four classes:

Class 1 Friday lecture on Yoga Philosophy “Matter, Energy and Mind, Part 1” with Petri. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting, pranayama and meditation.

Class 2 Saturday lecture on Yoga Philosophy “Matter, Energy and Mind, Patrt 2” with Juha. Class includes yogamantra and sutra chanting, pranayama and meditation.

Class 3 on Sunday: Petri will guide the participants into a bone setting technique (a healing method) originally called “limb lengthening”, which Petri has modified for asana adjustments to create a maximum length for limbs. This will not only take you to the next level in the asana, but also release the tensions and pains from the body.

Class 4 on Monday: Juha will guide the participants how to use some pranic and mental methods when practicing or assisting Ashtanga poses for balancing, energizing, stretching and lentghening. In this class we will also practice some hands-on techniques, how to deepen the strechings by applying these methods in asana adjustments.

Down in this page you can create your Helsinki Yogaschool student account, you can buy workshop class pass or drop-in tickets, and you can to sign up into Ashtanga morning practices and special lectures.


Astanga Mysore style
  • Friday – Monday 7 – 11, starting times every 30 minutes between 7 – 9:30. Upstairs shala (2nd floor)
Special Classes

classes include Pranayama and Meditation

  • Friday – Monday 11:15 – 13. Upstairs shala (2nd floor)
    also streamed live online.
  • Yoga 4 days and special classes 4 days 199 € / 169 €
  • Yoga and special classes 3 days 169 € / 139 €
  • Yoga only 4 days 99 € / 85 €
  • Yoga drop-in 29 € / 25 €
  • Special classes only 4 days 119 € / 99 €
  • Special class drop-in 35 € / 29 €


Petri Räisänen, a father of three children, is internationally known and respected Ashtanga Yoga teacher. In his yogic path Petri has studied with many respected Ashtanga Yoga teachers such as Derek Ireland (his first certified teacher), Radha Warrel, Gwendoline Hunt, Lino Miele and Eddie Stern, in addition to R. Sharath Jois and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. His special project has been the two Ashtanga Yoga books, Yoga Chikitsa and Nadi Shodhana, published in Finnish and in English.

Petri focuses on integrating healing and therapy with yoga, meeting student’s individual needs and guiding their progress. Petri’s yoga pose adjustments are gentle, effective, therapeutic and, according to some, almost magical, and originate (besides his own practice and teaching) from his past work as a traditional Finnish folk healer and naturopath.

Juha Javanainen, a father of five children, has practiced Ashtanga yoga with Radha Warrell, Derek Ireland, Lino Miele and Eddie Stern, in addition to R. Sharath Jois and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Juha continues to teach in Helsinki while working also as a yoga school director. Juha also continues to study and to practice Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Pattabhi Jois and T. Krishnamacharya. He is also studying the Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali. His special project was to translate the primary work of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on Astanga Yoga, the book called Yoga Mala, into Finnish in 2002.

Juha wishes to share his experiences on practice and teaching, how to work with the body&mind for healing purposes within the yoga practice.

Petri and Juha are the co-founders of Ashtanga Yoga Helsinki, and Sri K Pattabhi Jois blessed the school in 1997 to teach the traditional Astanga Yoga method.

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