Travel Info to Houtskar Island

Arrival info and meeting on Mondays

• Coming by bus? Morning bus from Helsinki to Turku / Kaarina, change bus to Houtskari, see the timetables below.
• Coming by car / bike / bicycle? There is ferries on the way from Parainen to Houtskari, see the timetables below.
• Please arrive between 15:00 – 19:30
• Rooms available from 15:00 
• Evening meal between 18:00 –19:30
Info meeting at 19:15–20:15
• Introduction of teachers, assistants and house staff of the week
• Saaristokoulu houses, area and general info of the week
• Program of the week

Bus schedule:
Turku-Houtskari – Linjerna 901-904 Äbo-Houtskär

Ferry schedule (no Ferry fees)

Skärgårdsskolan – Saaristokoulu

Näsbyvägen 259
21760 Houtskär